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Our Products

Choice Enclosures Flexbark URESTONE Panels FauxStoneSheets

OEM Manufacturing

Customized, in-house product manufacturing.

Specialists in Urethane & Urethane
Foam Fabrication

At Replications Unlimited, turning concepts into reality is our passion. We take your designs and then sketch, model, mold, and fabricate them into a final product that is certain to blow you away. The business started with waterfalls, cascades, and stream water features. These features were waterproofed then—when combined, could easily pass for the real thing. Over time we developed new products in-house and when customers had a specific vision in mind.

Custom Projects
Custom Projects by Replications Unlimited

Your Imagination is the Limit

From our artificial tree bark, Flexbark, and custom trees to the transformative URESTONE Faux Panels, custom theming, and custom sculptures—if you can dream it, we can do it. We design, develop, and fabricate all of our products right here in the USA using a combination of machinery and muscle.

Outdoor Kitchen Wrap

Faux Stone Wrap for Outdoor Kitchen

Faux Stone Wrap for Outdoor Kitchen

OEM Mailbox Wrap

Faux Stone Mailbox Wrap

Faux Stone Mailbox Wrap

Firebowl Column Wrap

Firebowl Column Wrap

The perfect faux base made for propane firebowls.