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C-Store Image Map
Accent Corner Ledgestone Wainscot Stucco Clad Cornice URESTONE Designer Panel - Brick URESTONE Designer Panel - Stone Metal Trim Pilaster

Accent Corner

dp2732 - Ledgestone Large Accent Corner

Ledgestone Large Accent Corners are perfect for adding a finishing touch to any facade. These corners are keyless and can be stacked on top of each other to span the height of any building. These corners go up lightning-fast and best of all, absolutely no mitering.

Ledgestone Wainscot

dp2730 Ledgestone Wainscot

Designed with a built-in top ledge, these pre-engineered panels are a typical wainscot height of 36-42”(varies between patterns) and are 8’ long.

These one-piece, ready-to-install wainscot panels interlock to form a seamless and natural aesthetic appearance with easy and fast installation.

Stucco Clad

sc4000 Stucco Clad 4'x8'

These synthetic, textured architectural panels are the perfect alternative to typical EFIS applications.

Stucco Clad was designed to compliment stone, brick, and CMU exterior designs and are equally suitable for both new construction and remodels.



Our cornice is created utilizing 3D computer cutting capabilities, we can create any shape and sized element tailored to compliment your building.

URESTONE Designer Panel - Brick

dp2402 Clean Brick

Our URESTONE Designer Panels in Clean Brick can be painted nearly any color, so if you're trying to match an existing brick facade we can help!

URESTONE Designer Panel - Stone

dp2455 Ledgestone

URESTONE Stone Textures are available in both the larger 4'x8' size as well as our compact URESTONE Lite 2'x4' series.

These panels were designed to make it possible for the average person to install beautiful stone without having to hire a specialty mason. Check out our full offerings to see if URESTONE is right for you.

Metal Trim

Metal Trim

We carry a number of styles of metal trim/flashing that work in concert with URESTONE products.

If you're working on a metal building project be sure to check out the r-panel trim.



Similar to accent corners, pilasters are pre-fabricated and go up in a flash. They come in widths between 12" and 48" and the heights are in 4' to 8' intervals.