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Kraggy Rock Panels get installed Unapologetic We want to provide you with the tools to create dramatic transformations, in less time and without specialty contractors, mortar or mess. Innovation Ledgestone Dumpster Enclosure Innovation is What We Excel At URESTONE Panels after getting painted The Best Products = The Best Future



A synthetic, textured, and panelized alternative to EFIS systems.


A light weight and durable textured faux paneling system.


Flexible. Durable.
Authentic in appearance.


Create any shape and sized element to tailor to your building designs.

Economical alternative to traditional masonry constructions.

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Flexbark FB3502

"Quality of the product was amazing!"

Kyler West|

Flexbark Customer

Flexbark - Ponderosa Pine

"This worked great to make a fake yet realistic tree trunk for our artificial Christmas Tree."

Michelle Krooswyk|

Flexbark Customer


OEM Manufacturing

Customized, in-house product manufacturing.

Custom Fabrication

Let us help your dreams and visions become a reality. We work with concepts, hand-drawn plans, or anything in between.

Slide One Stop Source Replications Unlimited offers all of the architectural elements you need for your building projects. Architectural Cornice URESTONE Ledgestone Panels and Columns URESTONE Ledgestone Panels and Column Kits

As Seen On

With their extreme versatility and light weight, the ability to perform a speedy install, and durability that lasts, our products show up again and again on TV and Film productions.